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Follow the link for your personal boat rental

This site of boat rentals offers a variety of operations in throughout Europe: sailboat tours with the day, Buggy's discovery of the various Islands, quad raids, canyoning, aquarandos, walks through the Basse-Terre forests, meetings of cetaceans, mangrove discovery and a wide range of operations, boat excursions, etc. You can create a pre-reservation on the website to pay a deposit. Please note that if the weather isn't slow some operations including ship rides can be canceled. Samboat understands how to be surrounded by severe environmental experts, who knows how to make Guadeloupe enjoy the safety of tourists.

What’s better than a cruise to sail to around the world?

A sailing cruise off the beaten path, outside crowds, traffic jams, is a distinctive chance to hyper-privileged explores the coastline calmly. When the world is gone, you will appreciate bays, beaches and bays around you. You are exploring superb and wonderful places which the earth cannot reach. But the ports and their environment you'll also appreciate only by mooring in the center... A boat cruise also provides a means for linking your kids to your friends or sharing unique moments with them.

Various formulas tailored to your needs

Regardless of your navigation level, the alternative is the discovery of this genuine manner to go: cruises "at cabins," or skipper rentals if you are novices, introductory classes or enhancement classes if you are trying to empower yourself, individual leases or offices if you are already a sailor.

Unlimited worldwide opportunities

Many navigating fields are feasible at any moment of the year: in the summer, Corsica, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Grenadine, Guadeloupe Islands, Antigua, Anguilla or Polynesian winter, Seychelles or Thailand. You'll be spoiled for a distinctive holiday to make a recommendation.

Before you rent a boat

Whenever you rent a boat via the link, hold all of your agreements to construct your Sailing CV. You will be asked to justify your experience of nautical work as a teammate or skipper in every rental. Principally, an easy list of your ancient apartments is sufficient but be cautious not to "invent" a big browser summary.


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